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The Black Kitchen is a mobile action kitchen collective that pursues the goal of providing food for emancipatory struggles from the bottom left. We cook exclusively in self-organized contexts in which the values of a liberated society are at the center and which fight for a solidary, non-discriminatory, climate- and environmentally-friendly, anti-national, anarchist and/or anti-capitalist world. Various formats are conceivable that we support: direct actions, permanent appointments, events for education, internal organization and networking or solidarity parties. However, the Black Kitchen remains decidedly away from purely private, commercial and party-political events! Cooking in this sense means political work for us, because the food supply is part of the self-organized infrastructure that enables socio-political struggles.

Our base is in Jena (Thuringia), where we support the local and regional struggles, but we also like to get to where it is needed with our mobile kitchen and also have some active supporters in other places. All group members volunteer and volunteer. This ensures that we can also support fights that do not have the necessary financial resources and distribute the food on a donation basis, so that all people can eat with us regardless of income. For us, one of our political demands is that we always and exclusively cook vegan.

For us, one of our political demands is that we always and exclusively cook vegan. This should also ensure that as many people as possible can eat the food we prepare. Above all, however, the production of animal food means the exploitation of animals and nature, which we reject as well as that of humans, and do not want to advance through our work.

In general, we try to give as little feed as possible to the engine of the capitalist system and therefore rely more on regional and seasonal, organic and fairtrade products and food donations than on the cheapest supermarket goods. But since we also do not move independently of capitalist contradictions and refinance our work mainly through donations, we have not always been able to meet these demands. Depending on the cooking campaign, its requirements and framework conditions, we decide where to set our priorities.

Our organization is based on collective and grassroots negotiation processes in which there are formally no higher or more powerful persons. Decisions should be made by consensus if possible.. Through knowledge transfer and skill shares, we try to reduce knowledge hierarchies or, at best, not to create them in the first place. However, we are aware that power relations and informal hierarchies also exist in our group. Therefore, we see it as part of our work and responsibility to disclose, reflect and, if possible, process them in a continuous process, which sometimes works better, sometimes worse. However, this is all the more our responsibility, as the crew is currently predominantly made up of white people from privileged social groups – in different forms. We would also like to change that and be connectable for different people. This does not require any special requirements or prior knowledge, only common values.

No fight, no munch!
For a world without domination, oppression and exploitation!
For a good life for all!

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